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  • You may use any up-to-date Web browser supporting HTML 5, with javascript and cookies enabled
  • You must have obtained a user account from Punch Powerglide


As you access to the Supplier Portal address, a login popup ask you to provide the User name and password you got from Punch Powerglide.

First screen

If the login information you supplied is correct, you should see this page:

Language settings

In the upper rigth corner of the page, you may see your Contact name,
along with a dropdown box allowing you to select interface language.

User interface languages

Your default language is set from the Contact information you supplied for the account creation.
However you can switch it by selecting one amongst the three available languages:

  • DE for German
  • EN for English
  • FR for French

Your selection will be stored on your computer as a cookie (it may be reinitiated if you clean your browser cookies).

Supplier Documentation

By clicking on the "Supplier Documentation" button, you shall access to the document library for PPS General conditions & other documents specific to the supplier you represent.

Download a document

By moving the mouse cursor over a line, your select a document item. Just left-click to download its content.

Display active Quality Notifications

By clicking on the "Current Quality Notifications" button, you shall access to the list of your current open Quality Notifications.

Current Quality Notifications list

The upper table is showing your Contact information. The lower one contains one row for one notification.
Click on a row to display the related notification detail.

Quality Notification detail

The image below is representing the view of a Quality Notification detail. The first two upper tables are showing respectively your contact information and the notification header.

The 8D phases shown below are collapsed when their status is completed. You can click on the phase head to reopen it.

8D Phase detail (Completed phase)

The following phase is already completed. Consequently, it's information is read-only.

8D Phase detail (Released phase)

By default, a phase with the status "Released" is showing expanded; its button "Update" is enabled. Click it to add information and/or change its status from Released to Completed.

8D Phase edition

8D Phase edition: Task Long Text

8D Phase edition: Attachment file selection

You can add multiple files. Their type is limited to PDF.
NB: You can not upload a total size greater than 20 Mb at once.

8D Phase edition: Attachment title

8D Phase edition: Add attachment

8D Phase edition: Remove attachment

8D Phase edition: Session Countdown

Editing a phase through the Portal is locking the related Notification object for update. That is why there is a mechanism invalidating a session inactive for over 15 minutes. However any keyboard input or mouse click is regarded as an action and will reset the countdown.
Attention: your inputs will be lost if your session is idle more than 15 minutes.

8D Phase edition: Save only

By clicking on "Save", you are able to save your changes (text edition, file uploads) without updating the phase status.
NB: Your updates are cumulative, i.e. re-editing long text simply add new lines, and file uploads are add-only.

8D Phase edition: Save & Update status

Be warned that once the button "Completed" is clicked, you won't be able to roll-back the status of the phase.

8D Phase edition: Status completed

Once completed, the next phase is displayed expanded, and updatable if available (i.e. released by our service).

8D Phase edition: Status completed

Once completed, the processus does not allow any update. The status "Completed" can not be rolled-back, so please contact our Services in order to recreate another phase object within the same 8D phase to correct the related information.

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